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Industry and Innovation Unit

The third (2018-2022) Strategic Plan of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), identifies the need to “strengthen research capacity and output to position UCC as centre of academic excellence” as its fifth Key Thrust. The Plan sets out to “develop an agenda for engaging industry, policymakers and other potential users of research output and expertise of the University” as the sixth Key Action. These provisions underscore the establishment of the UCC’s Industry and Innovation Unit (IIU) which is situated in the organisational structure of the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (DRIC); organisation of the maiden interaction with industry players on pathways to strengthen their engagement to proffer solutions to local and global challenges; and institution of annual university-wide innovation fair with the intent of displaying innovations undertaken by both industry players and academics.  


The mandate of IIU is to enhance the actualisation of the community service obligation of faculty in the University of Cape Coast through the institutionalisation of a structured mode of engagement with industry players, social laboratories and policy makers.


  1. Promote adherence to the tenets of the University of Cape Coast’s Intellectual Property Policy;
  2. Showcase research output of staff of the University of Cape Coast;
  3. Develop mechanisms for tracking and measuring outcomes and impact of the University’s engagement with industry, social laboratories and policy makers;
  4. Define modalities for commercialising research output;
  5. Keep a comprehensive and up-to-date online database on all industries that have collaborated with the various Faculties/Schools/Departments/Centres and Units in the University;
  6. Organise annual innovation fair and interaction session with industry players and policy makers;
  7. Promote the development, modes of engagement and sustainability of workings in social laboratories; and
  8. Develop strategies to ensure the use of research findings.