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The Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (DRIC) was established in August 2013, to replace the Consultancy Services Unit with an expanded mandate to supervise and facilitate all research, innovation and consultancy related activities in the University of Cape Coast (UCC). The functions of the DRIC include: coordinating the university-wide research agenda; sourcing and managing funding for research; developing and advising the Academic Board on criteria for the research component of assessments for promotion; promoting research in Faculties/Schools; promoting quality research in the University, and coordinating and supporting publication of journals and books in the University. DRIC also aims to harness research and innovation outputs for the University’s entrepreneurial drive. Over all, the Directorate has the responsibility to implement the University’s research and innovation agenda and create a conducive environment for nurturing creativity and innovation.

The prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings for 2022 has placed the University of Cape Coast (UCC) as the number 1 University in Ghana and West Africa, number 4 in Africa, among the top 350 universities globally and number 1 globally for research influence. These achievements came through strategic and visionary leadership of past and present university managements, DRIC directors and staff, and the entire university community.

The Directorate continues to support the University management to promote research and innovation in the University. DRIC has developed several policies, including Journal Management Policy, Research and Consultancy Policy and Intellectual Property Policy, to guide scholarly activities in the University. The Directorate also continues to build the research capacity of faculty members through cutting edge training across the research and innovation ecosystem. The UCC Scholar and the UCC at 60 Innovation Report are among the key innovations produced by the Directorate.

Our commitment to research and innovation is expressed in, and driven by a five-year research agenda. The 2023-2027 Research Agenda, which is under the theme Transdisciplinary Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development in a Changing World, provides the roadmap for research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries and integrates the disciplines of education, humanities, natural, social, and health sciences. The research resonates with national (e.g. Ghana Centennial Development Plan, NDPC Agenda 2057), continental (e.g. Agenda 2063, the Africa we want) and global development agenda (e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)). It highlights the need for transdisciplinary approaches and concerted efforts involving academia, industry, government and civil society to address emerging issues such as digital transformations, artificial intelligence and COVID-19, to ensure sustainability and societal impact.

Directorate continues to vigorously pursue its vision of transforming UCC into a leading research institution with world-wide acclaim.

Prof. David Teye Doku


Prof. David Teye Doku