The mandate of DRIC is to oversee Consultancy Services engaged in by individuals and groups in the University; oversee and support the conduct of research in the University and create a conducive environment to nurture creativity and innovation.

In order to fully realise this mandate, DRIC performs the following functions:

  1. Develop, review, sensitise and implement tenets of University Research, Innovation and Consultancy Policies.
  2. Develop and coordinate university-wide research agenda.
  3. Source funding for research and manage all designated research funds. 
  4. Develop and routinely advise the Academic Board on the (i) criteria for the research component for promotion; (ii) motivating research effort of faculty; and (iii) sponsoring research and conferences. 
  5. Organise and support Departments in the collection of longitudinal data and generate a repository of secondary data by liaising with relevant agencies that collect data. 
  6. Coordinate all seminars and workshops in the University based on the research agenda. 
  7. Coordinate and support the publication of journals and books in the University. 
  8. Liaise with the Directorate of Academic Planning and Quality Assurance (DAPQA) to advise the University management on procedures that promote research-based teaching, and report all activities annually to the Academic Board through the Vice Chancellor. 
  9. Undertake Consultancy (Research Training & Advisory Services) in the areas of Education, Agriculture, Tourism, Science, Socio-Economic Development, Industry, Business and the Environment. 
  10. Provide a wide range of expert and professional services for the local environment and the nation. 
  11. Act as a clearinghouse for all individual and group consultancies in the University. 
  12. Identify, promote and facilitate innovations and patenting

The following are the strengths of DRIC:

  1. Unique advantage of drawing on a wide range of expertise available in all Faculties, Departments, Units and Sections of the University; 
  2. Possess a portfolio of research and consultancy experience; 
  3. Mandated to image the research and innovation activities of the University; 
  4. External recognition as the outfit authorised to facilitate the conduct of research, innovation and consultancy in the University; 
  5. Mandated to use all available physical facilities, equipment and support services in the Faculties, Research Centres and Institutes of the University in the execution of consultancy projects.